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O, our hearts are beating wildly. We are so happy you are here. We are looking for the women of our generation who Love fiercely, beautifully, boldly, humbly. Women who love Jesus, justice and living juicy. Women who don't shy away from stepping up, stepping forward and joining hands with other women. You may not feel dangerous right now. For some, showing up is already dangerous. Sometimes Resistance looks like rest. We believe prayer is dangerous work. Peacemaking (not peacekeeping) is dangerous, holy work. Our heart of hearts is to be Women Who Love and to spread some of that Love to our families, our neighbourhoods and this world.

The DNA of a Dangerous Women? A woman of faith who believes in the subversive power of Love to transform ourselves, our communities and our world.

We hope you will join us!

PS: They say when sleeping women wake, mountains move. It's time to move some mountains of injustice, oppression, apathy, scarcity, fear, racism, loneliness, isolation and disillusionment. Together, we can move mountains, one stone at a time. 

Embodied Solidarity


Ines McBryde Preaches

Ines McBryde Preaches

What Does Jesus Have to Do with Justice?

Rene August
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